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Are Travel Agents Obsolete?

It seems you cannot watch television for more than an hour without seeing an advertisement for an online travel company. These travel web sites have been very successful at allowing travellers to book their own airline and hotel reservations online. So with this huge push for the Internet to take over the travel industry, one has to ask, “Are travel agents obsolete?”

If you have browsed some of these travel sites, you will have seen that they offer an amazing diversity of travel options and it is impossible to deny that many thousands of people have taken advantage of these services and seen many benefits.

However, after 2 years dealing with Covid-19 travel disruptions, there are some very specific services that a living and breathing travel agent can provide that simply cannot be replicated by an automated web site.


It is difficult to find that balance between finding the holidays that meet the needs of you and your family, but also respect your travel budget as well. If you use an automated online travel service, you may have to sacrifice convenience, schedule or location for economy. A good travel agent will work hard to get you the right itinerary while getting as close to the travel cost restrictions as possible. And they will do it without taking up a lot of your time.

Back up

You don’t need help if your trip goes completely as planned. But if you encounter problems, you can find yourself in need of rescheduling flights and finding new accommodations to work around cancelled flights, weather issues or other unexpected interruptions to your plans. If you have a travel agent who is dedicated to providing you service, he or she can find those alternative routes and resources to do all they can to get you to your destination so you can enjoy your holiday as planned with little to no additional stress for you.

That Personal Touch

You may have travel preferences that you want to achieve with each trip you take. A travel agent has your profile and your travel history so they can do what they can to accommodate your preferences. But moreover, if you have specific special needs such as a diet limitation or a need for accommodation due to a disability, it will be a travel agent that sees to it that your needs are provided for and you are well taken care of during your trip.


If your travel itinerary involves complex travel schedules and itinerary challenges that just cannot be described to the generic screens of an online travel service, you can explain these complications to your travel agent

While the online travel services can provide a valuable and affordable alternative to the general traveling public, it is easy to notice their limitations and their lack of security and peace of mine especially if you are trying to book a trip that is tricky or if you have specific needs that the screens do not anticipate. That is why working with a human travel agent guarantees that this travel professional will dedicate themselves to the task of making sure your holiday works to your specifications and that you get to your well deserved holiday.

When you book your holiday with me and The Holiday Village you are not just getting a holiday! My holidays usually cost the same as booking yourself online but you also get ...

  • A personal point of contact if something happens before or during your holiday - contact someone who cares directly and not a call-centre

  • Someone who is available much more flexibly to suit you - 7 days a week including weekends and evenings

  • Reassurance that you are booking a financially protected package holiday with a reputable tour operator

  • A personal concierge service - I can check you in, print your travel paperwork, and provide suggestions for available trips, excursions, and attractions in your holiday resort as well as deal with any issues or problems you may have with the tour operator directly, on your behalf

I work with all the major reputable tour operators including Jet2Holidays, easyJet Holidays, TUI, Premier Holidays, Virgin Voyages, Newmarket Holidays, First Class Holidays, and many, many more ...

Don't risk your well-deserved holidays with guesswork online, book with an expert for complete peace of mind, reassurance, and security. ABTA bonded and ATOL protected.

0114 6990100


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