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Responsible Travel

Nature Reserve

Advocating for sustainable travel, promoting mindful exploration, cultural respect, and positive footprints with each booking.


As a Sustainable Travel Ambassador and Responsible Travel Speaker, I am passionate about promoting ethical and eco-conscious travel practices that minimise environmental impact and maximise positive contributions to local communities. Through engaging talks, workshops, and advocacy efforts, I aim to inspire and empower travellers to make informed choices that align with principles of sustainability, conservation, and social responsibility. By highlighting the importance of preserving natural resources, respecting local cultures, and supporting responsible tourism initiatives, I strive to foster a global mindset of mindful travel that preserves our planet for future generations while enhancing the well-being of communities worldwide.

Why working with me is an investment in responsible travel

  • I am 1 of 20 travel agents in the UK to be selected as a TTG Sustainable Travel Ambassador [In Training] for 2024

  • I am a Sustainable Travel Ambassador and member of the Kiwano Travel Community

  • Regularly attend sustainability product training.

  • Participate in Masterclasses within the travel community to educate the industry on sustainable travel 

  • I am a Sustainability Graduate with Iberostar Hotels

  • I am Carbon Literacy Trained [awaiting certification]

  • I am Level 1 Sustainability Certified with Kiwano

  • I have my own Animal Welfare Policy.

  • £5 of every booking I make will be donated to TreeSisters via Work for Good.

  • I provide clients with a recycled, reusable tote bag.

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If you have a group or club that is interested in learning more about Sustainable Travel, I am available to speak and share key steps to becoming a more Responsible Traveller.

Get in touch for more information and to book me.

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