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Experiencing Sustainability in Action with Iberostar in Majorca

The group of Sustainable Travel Ambassadors

In October 2023, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts treated us, a group of Sustainable Travel Ambassadors, to an immersive familiarisation trip centred around sustainability in Majorca.

The setting was Iberostar Selection Albufera Resort, one of the 16 Iberostar hotels on the island, which had recently reopened after an extensive renovation.

As we wandered through the resort, surrounded by the serene interiors inspired by Albufera Natural Park, it was evident that Iberostar was not just focusing on aesthetics but on a commitment to responsible tourism. Lush greenery adorned the surroundings, reflecting the brand's goal to have plants cover at least 25% of its properties. From massive palms in open hallways to new plantings around the pools, nature was seamlessly integrated into the resort.

Gardens at Iberostar Albufeira Resort

Our journey continued to the Soller Botanical Garden, where we learned about Iberostar's collaboration with in-house scientists and resident experts to evaluate plants across their Mediterranean properties. The emphasis was on housing native plants suited to local conditions, supporting biodiversity, and reducing water-intensive practices.

Botanical Gardens at Soller

By 2025, Iberostar is committed to ensuring that all seafood served across its properties will be responsibly sourced. This forward-looking initiative is part of Iberostar's broader efforts to promote responsible seafood consumption. In 2022, across Spain, 90% of all seafood served by Iberostar was responsibly sourced, with a clear trajectory to achieve 100% responsible sourcing by 2025.

The coastal health aspect of sustainability was brought to life during a snorkelling trip, where we witnessed the importance of protecting endemic seagrass, Posidonia Oceanica. The clear water and thriving marine life were a testament to Iberostar's commitment to responsible practices along the coastline.

Snorkelling in Majorca

At Iberostar Alcudia Park, a rooftop bar served not just as a place for cocktails but also as Majorca's first climate change observatory. It monitored coastal erosion, highlighting the brand's dedication to understanding and addressing environmental challenges.

The behind-the-scenes operations were equally fascinating.

A visit to Iberostar Cristina's kitchen showcased AI technology managing food waste, providing insights into minimizing environmental impact. The commitment to zero waste to landfill by 2025 was demonstrated through the 3R team, actively involved in reusing, reducing, and recycling. As a group we were very excited to see the technology in place and of course all of the bins!

Bins at Iberostar Albufeira Resort

Iberostar's sustainability efforts extended beyond waste management, with a goal to be carbon neutral by 2030 and the elimination of single-use plastics since 2020. Our stay was further complemented by and Jet2holidays, whose Airbus A321neo airliners emitted 20% less CO2, aligning with their Net Zero Sustainability Strategy.

This first hand experience genuinely shattered our misconceptions about sustainable holidays, showing that embracing eco-friendly practices not only benefits the environment but also enhances the overall luxury and enjoyment of the client experience.

If you'd like information on how to travel more sustainably, do get in touch, This is something I am really passionate about and have lots of knowledge and understanding as well as first-hand experience of.

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