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Places That Make Me Smile

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

There are so many beautiful places in the world, so picking just 3 places is quite difficult. That said, there are always places that really touch your soul and that your heart yearns to return to. These are 3 places that I absolutely love, that I have visited multiple times and that never fail to make me smile.


Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic. Having undergone centuries of diverse cultural, social and economic development, the architecture is incredibly diverse with old and and new jam packed together to make walking the streets of the city an absolute joy. You can’t go to Prague and not eat beef goulash and bread dumplings or drink a selection of the world class beers.

The city is very accessible and we tend to walk pretty much everywhere. We usually try to stay in Prague 1 close to Old Town Square and always take a walk along Charles Bridge, a climb up the Astronomical clock tower, a cruise along the river Vltava and if time allows a trip to see a production of Black Light Theatre. The lead up to Christmas is a lovely time to visit Prague as the markets, stalls and decorations are always fabulous.


Malta is a beautiful small, island country in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Sicily, Italy. I have visited the island many times and every time we find something new to discover. The island is rich with history and incredibly proud of it. Everywhere is easily accessible and we rarely hire a car and opt instead for the local buses or the open top tourist buses. There are some stunning ancient buildings, breathtaking landscapes and beaches and the weather is usually great, even out of season.

When we visit Malta we always make sure to take a harbour cruise from Sliema, eat fresh, locally caught fish in Marsaxlokk and wander the streets of the beautiful Mdina Old City. I fall in love with this country a little more every time we go.


Lanzarote is a Spanish island which has all-year-round glorious weather, beautiful beaches, incredible lunar landscapes, and is located approximately 70 miles from the coast of Africa. Artist César Manrique saved Lanzarote from rampant development and turned its volcanic terrain into a series of tourist attractions and glorious artworks. You will not find high rise resorts in Lanzarote, instead it’s usually bungalows surrounded by incredible gardens (you have to see them to believe that plants grow!).

We always stay in the beautiful resort of Playa Blanca which is quieter than some of the other resorts, but still has all of the tourist amenities. There are so many beautiful places to visit, but I’d recommend César Manrique's home, Timanfaya National Park, The Cactus Garden and climbing a volcano such as Montana Roja to enjoy the breath-taking views.

Where do you love to go? Which destinations make you smile?

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