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Holiday Ready, Mindset Steady: Navigating Travel Anxiety

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Travel Anxiety

For many, travelling paints a vivid picture of adventure, immersion in new cultures, and a refreshing break from the humdrum of daily routines. However, for a significant portion of people, these images are often tarnished by the unsettling feeling of anxiety.

Staggeringly, research indicates that approximately 40% of travellers grapple with anxiety-related concerns during the travel process. This isn't a challenge limited to the occasional tourist; even seasoned travellers are not immune. One in every four regular flyers acknowledges a certain discomfort or apprehension, particularly related to the act of flying. Imagining a relaxing holiday, only to be accompanied by restless nights, perpetual stress, and second thoughts about the trip, is an all-too-real scenario for many.

The spectrum of travel anxiety is vast and varied. On one end, there are tangible worries - the fear of missing flights, the potential loss of personal belongings, or the ordeal of navigating through an unfamiliar airport. On the other, there are more intangible concerns. These might include the daunting prospect of cultural disorientation, the unease of unfamiliar local customs, or even simple things like dietary adjustments or access needs.

The contemporary world, with its relentless pace and interconnected framework, demands movement. Whether it's for professional engagements, leisurely retreats, or personal commitments, travelling has become an integral facet of modern life. Yet, a striking 10% of the population abstains from travel altogether, not because of logistical constraints, but due to the overarching shadow of anxiety.

Studies continually reinforce the idea that targeted intervention and structured support can play pivotal roles in alleviating such anxieties. Recognising this, I’ve been working with local Hypnotherapist, Esther Barnes of North Star Hypnotherapy to plan and launch "Holiday Ready, Mindset Steady: a FREE Online 2-Part Holiday Anxiety Workshop"

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This workshop is going to be more than just an informational session; it's going to be a haven for those who feel daunted by the idea of travelling. It offers an in-depth understanding of why travel, a usually exciting endeavour, becomes a source of dread for some. We will share coping mechanisms, preparation strategies, and even real-time solutions to potential challenges on the move. Moreover, it's an opportunity to foster a community, allowing attendees to share, relate, and support one another.

Our comprehensive program will cover:

  • Understanding Travel Anxiety: Delve deep into what triggers your concerns and understand the root causes.

  • Practical Techniques: Learn how to stay grounded, even when thousands of miles away from home.

  • Preparation is Key: Equip yourself with effective planning methods to alleviate last-minute stresses.

  • Building Resilience: Strategies to handle unexpected challenges and uncertainties while travelling.

  • Community and Support: Engage with fellow attendees, share experiences, and build a support network.

By joining the workshop, you won’t just be gaining knowledge, you’ll be reclaiming the unbridled joy of travel.

If you or someone you know finds the prospect of travel more daunting than delightful, this workshop could be the first step towards change. Together, let's ensure that your forthcoming holidays are marked by excitement and exploration, and not eclipsed by unwarranted fears.

Our first workshops are on the 9th November and 16th November 2023, however, you can join the waitlist for updates on when we run our next ones. We are hoping to run them regularly throughout the year.

If you’d like more information about the workshops please contact your local personal travel consultant, Emma on 0114 699 0100, email or visit the website Backed by The Holiday Village, a family-run business with over 60 years of experience in the travel industry, fully ABTA bonded and ATOL protected and offering a personalised travel concierge service, supporting you with planning and taking your holidays with ease.


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