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Independent Personal Travel Consultant, backed by The Holiday Village and offering a personalised travel concierge service. Sustainable Travel Ambassador. Travel Anxiety Coach. 

ABTA bonded and ATOL protected.

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My Services


Travel Concierge Service

I provide a bespoke travel concierge service, tailoring itineraries to match each client's preferences and budget. From destination research to booking flights, accommodations, and activities, I handle all details with VIP services and flexible support. I prioritise accessibility, supporting travellers with diverse needs including mobility challenges and travel anxiety. Sustainability is at the heart of my service, with a focus on promoting eco-friendly practices and supporting local communities wherever possible. 


My goal: create unforgettable journeys, leaving clients with cherished memories.


Holiday Anxiety Workshops

I facilitate holiday anxiety workshops with Esther from North Star Hypnotherapy, designed to help individuals navigate and manage stress associated with travel. Through interactive sessions, participants learn coping strategies and practical tips to alleviate anxiety before, during, and after their holiday. With a focus on creating a supportive and understanding environment, these workshops aim to equip individuals with the tools they need to enjoy their holidays to the fullest, regardless of their anxiety levels.

My goal: ease holiday stress, empower confident travel, transform anxiety into enjoyment.

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Responsible Travel Speaker

I deliver responsible travel talks aimed at raising awareness and promoting sustainable travel practices. These engaging discussions delve into the importance of minimising environmental impact, respecting local cultures, and supporting communities. Covering topics such as eco-friendly accommodation, ethical wildlife tourism, and responsible tourism initiatives, the talks inspire audiences to make informed choices and identifies easy steps that benefit both destinations and travellers. 

My goal: inspire responsible travel, raise awareness, benefit communities and environments.

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Everyone who books their holiday with me, will have a tree planted on their behalf as a step towards offsetting their carbon footprint when taking their holiday.

I am partnered with Ecologi who work with a range of amazing tree planting partners who are able to responsibly plant millions of trees a month on our behalf.

Planting a tree one booking at a time.


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